"you did it."

spent thanksgiving thinking about the graves others will be visiting. not taking for granted the seats filled at my tables.

i graduated from college this past weekend, from a place that i had never planned to be at, but turned out to be the most special blessing in disguise. i could not have asked for a more perfect place to end this chapter. it is both easy and hard for me to recall the grief i felt at ending up where i did--i have done so much there more than i ever did before it.

Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together?
Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.
— emery allen


i completed my last ever critique as a photo student. my professor said some kind words and gave a huge embrace.
"you did it."
i spent a different "critique" explaining the recognition of my own mortality and all the different goodbyes i have been giving recently.
and so here starts the beginnings of "the people i would have never met".

grateful for the friends and family who have supported me all these years; the peers who have encouraged me; and the professors and mentors who continuously pushed me to be the person they always knew i could be. especially grateful for my cousin who braved the sky, roads, and lake to be with me on my special day.
and once again i revisited my infatuation with snow and ice.

feels weird to have gotten over the speed bump that was starting TPIWHNM. weird to not have another project in mind other than that. here's to having time now for more inspiration.
feeling most inspired by this song right now:

excited for the new chapters brewing in my life. big plans. big moves. little time.

i'm thankful to have a brother amazed by magic and quarters being pulled out from behind his ears,