a start...

i finally mustered up the courage and strength to get this entire body of work up and rolling. feels weird and good and scary all at once. but very kind, and some very moving, things have been said to me as an outcome and i am eternally grateful for that. i am so blessed to be able to do what i love to do in this world and to reach out to others through it.

i feel that i’ve been very drawn and inspired by people around me lately. i’ve found a lot of comfort, and discomfort, in my encounters with those near me, which has been an interesting experience. a friend of mine recently commented, and complimented, on my venturing out of my comfort zones, which meant a lot to me, and i guess that’s been very apparent in my interactions with the world within the past few seasons.


but i feel like a list of inspirations lately is what i want to share the most right now:


documentaries - 

1. “Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present”
2. Gregory Crewdson’s “Brief Encounters"
3. Sally Mann’s “What Remains”



books - 

  1. “What Remains,” Sally Mann
  2. and i am very much looking forward to Anis Mojgani’s book coming out in the fall, “The Pocket Knife Bible”


songs - 

  1. Miracle Mile by Cold War Kids
  2. Riptide by Vance Joy
  3. Wait So Long by Trampled By Turtles
  4. Obey Your Guns by Matrimony


other experiences - 

  1. sunrises
  2. rivers
  3. snow melting
  4. the sound of blackbirds
  5. mountain ranges
  6. things as simple as having ice cream with my friends in a stewart’s
  7. and these references from a hike i went on recently:

 i plan on utilizing this space as much as possible; i feel very deeply about sharing my experiences right now instead of hiding them.
i came up with a new series the other day i will be working on shortly, that i am very excited about but can’t share quite yet. some birchwood sheddings have been salvaged as well, but not sure what they will be. something, at least.