humility and birthdays and strawberry kisses

 while julia and i chatted at our favorite spot.

while julia and i chatted at our favorite spot.

i was recently home for a few weeks for the first time since january. it felt good (and still weird) to be reunited with everyone. i shared some wonderful times with the people i love. i even started to tell about the new series i am pursuing; first, to one of my closest friends (who i photographed for it), and then to an old professor who has become a very dear and important person to me.

while home i celebrated my twenty-third birthday. in short, i celebrated my twenty-third year of being Alive, something i spent a lot of time reflecting on this year. in a brief form of candidness, i expressed my sincere gratitude to those who were able to spend my day with me, and for those who have spent many days with me through it all. i have learned more and more about humility each day. i look forward to the years ahead of me. i am cringing less and less at that thought.

another person photographed for this new series was a little one--a little person with delicate hands who kisses strawberries.
while these are not any final products, they are snippets of my time trying to capture moments with a little man who won't understand this series until much later in life (and also of a rambunctious four year old who gives me a run for my money).