to thaw

while looking back recently on the work of "billet-doux," i noticed a huge emphasis on snow, ice, and the melting of. at a very pivotal point in my life, i held tight to this metaphor with the oncoming of spring from winter, having projected it onto a tangible thing. this pinnacle became a plateau, but not before becoming an onrush of what felt like avalanches.

coming from a part of new york that has mild, equal seasons, the harshness of winter upstate shocked my system, and it has taken me a second winter to finally grow accustomed to it. and i've found safety in this; a distance has been created not just in miles, but in the longevity of winter, keeping spring at bay and pushing it farther from anniversaries. it has taken until my second winter to understand this fully, and another projection (no matter how unfortunate/fortunate) to come full-circle.

(inspiration/Things from others:)

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