some thorns

the temperature is finally syncing up to its location, and i made it out of july fourth weekend alive--summer nights that call for a walk to clear the mind/eyes/heart.

stumbled upon this lone, abandoned branch/stem. pricked myself twice. but this said everything for me.

spent a good portion thinking about what's in the works. a song suggested to me at the first thought of It came on shuffle during the thought.

the other day i realized this project is so scary for me because 1) it is pushing me out of a comfort zone, and 2) it is making me confront not only the people but the situation to begin with.

yesterday i spent four hours sitting on a stoop having homemade coffee and muffins, talking about art and zombies and many other things. these are the little moments i sometimes become acutely aware of Life (but the little things are not very "little").

and here are little inspirations found just from the long hours of today:

  1. "candles" by daughter
  2. "gold" by wake owl
  3. "come back down" by greg laswel
  4. "shake shake shake" by bronze radio return
  5. "you don't know how lucky you are" by keaton henson
  6. "atlas hands" by benjamin francis leftwich (more like a rediscovered gem)
  7. "pioneers" by the lighthouse and the whaler

and last but not least:

"You need a foundation to build a home, start by mixing the concrete- this is a lifelong project. You might as well get started."