a few months ago i watched terrence malick's "tree of life", and its impression resonated in me for days afterwards. the movie seemed to play on a loop in my mind. (i.e. the Creation scenes.) a single image began to come to the front of my mind, and it didn't disappear until i painted it. which then led to an onslaught of similar paintings after it. i painted for hours like that.

the images that came to mind were triggered by those specific movie scenes, which ultimately reminded me of a panic attack/hallucination i suffered years ago when my PTSD symptoms began, in which my vision went black and simultaneously zoomed out and in to my surroundings and the world around me.

these paintings came effortlessly, fueled by these images as well as a term i had come to know  shortly before: a "twin flame" is an energetic mirror to your own soul, they are familiar to you and you feel a sense of vibration or completion when near them. a connection that transcends. i adopted this term in a blanket sense. i think these paintings cut deeper than TPIWHNM does, and in different ways. although really they just became an outlet for what this movie was making me feel. and they only make sense abstractly, in these colors, these forms, these links. my metaphysical relationships i guess. my different soul mates. 

i recommend this movie to everyone at least once.